Oak Park Day School goes beyond traditional daycare. We pride ourselves on being an educational institution where even our youngest learners benefit from a structured curriculum. While we wholeheartedly embrace the boundless energy of toddlers, letting them play and express freely, it’s our curriculum that sets us apart.

In our Toddler Classroom, a dynamic duo of dedicated teachers guides a group of up to 20 students. The space is designed to facilitate both group and individualized activities.

Our day is meticulously planned with segments of circle time, song sessions, reading moments, imaginative play, outdoor recess, nourishing snack breaks, restful nap periods, and engaging special activities. This rhythm ensures a balanced mix of quiet and active learning moments, keeping both little bodies and curious minds energized and engaged.

What We Provide

Learning COLORS
– Circle Time: Flashcards (Red, Blue, Yellow, Green, White, Black, Brown, Gray, Purple, Pink, and Orange)
– Combining Primary Colors (examples: Yellow + Blue = Green, Red + Blue = Purple, Red + Yellow = Orange)
– Circle Time: Flashcards (Circle, Square, Triangle, & Rectangle)
– Playing Games in Centers to reinforce lessons
Learning LETTERS & their SOUNDS
– Circle Time: Flashcards
– Playing Games in Centers to reinforce lessons
Identifying NUMBERS (1-20)
– Circle Time: Flashcards
– Playing Games in Centers to reinforce lessons
COUNTING (1-20) forward and backward
– Circle Time: Flashcards
– Playing games in Centers to reinforce lessons
– Circle Time: Flashcards (Examples: Where are they? In a store, airport, or restaurant?)
– Reading very short stories aloud in class
Introduction to POTTY TRAINING
– Children ready to begin potty training early will be sent to the restroom frequently to encourage them in the process
– Throwing a ball, catching a ball, jumping, tumbling, etc
– Learning to group similar items (clothes, fruits, shapes, etc) utilizes the same part of the brain we use for Algebra
Developing DEXTERITY
– Introduce how to properly hold a large crayon, paint brush, eating utensils, etc.
– Sitting properly at a table
– Asking instead of grabbing
Learn about FEELINGS and the different MOODS
– Happy, Sad, Mad, Scared, Surprised, etc.
Encouraging CREATIVITY and IMAGINATION through ART
– Painting, Coloring, Moulding, etc
Exploring SCIENCE and the World around us
– Playing in the Science Center
– Weekly Projects and Experiments
– Introduction to Nature, Weather, Magnets, Habitats, the Solar System, Body Parts, Food and Nutrition, etc.
Learning through MUSIC
– Music Class with Mr. Chris every Thursday Afternoon
– Singing and listening to songs daily to teach children: days of the week, months, and how to spell color words
– Singing and listening to songs to encourage imagination and creativity
Introduction to SPANISH
– Spanish class once a week to introduce children to basic conversation, colors, body parts, etc.