What You Should Expect From A Limo Driver

Looking into a limousine rental is a big undertaking, especially when you are looking for a big event like a wedding, prom or corporate event. No matter what the purpose you need to be sure that your limousine driver has the skills and professionalism to take care of your every need!

Getting an Igport Limos limousine is an investment, one that you want to be sure you are getting a good return on. Here at Igport Limos we do our best to train every one of our drivers so that they are prepared for any situation and take your transportation needs seriously. One of the things we strive for is confidentiality!

Whether you are a big movie star, a corporate executive or a mom – we respect each and every one of our clients and promise to keep your confidentiality if you use our services. Here are some things to really think about when hiring a limo company!

Privacy For Celebrities

Any time the word confidentiality is mentioned, it is usually a celebrity or famous person that comes to mind. When Igport Limos transports a celebrity, we promise to never post a picture, tweet a tweet or share a client’s location or destination. Sometimes we will see limo drivers from other companies standing next to a limo with a celebrity that they just transported somewhere, you can rest assured we will never do that. We appreciate our celebrity clients and will never share images, locations or news with anyone!

Talk Talk – Our Chauffeurs Do Not Do It

Frequently our drivers attend events for a variety of purposes. This allows them the opportunity to talk and gossip about their latest transportation stories including what happened in the limo, tips that were given or overheard topics that they should not be privy to. With Igport Limos you can take comfort in knowing that we are strict in our policies for our drivers and make sure they do not share important details about your experience with us.

Client Privacy

Ever want to surprise someone on a trip? Are you going somewhere special to get a gift or plan something special? We have your back! Because we know the world is a small place and that there is always someone that knows someone else who knows someone else – we never discuss any of our client activities. Your secret is our secret!

Why do we take this so seriously? Because as a leading Dallas/Ft. Worth Limousine Service provider we care – and we know that confidentiality and security in this digital world is a priceless offering!