It’s your senior year of high school, and you’re looking forward to prom night—everything from the perfect dress or tux, corsage, dining at an upscale restaurant, dancing the night away, and the after party. Don’t forget to book a prom limo to transport you and your friends to and from all prom activities.

When it comes to safety and fun, hiring a prom limo is the best way to enjoy the evening. Check out this guide to learn about the benefits of a prom limo rental.

1.  Safety

Prom night is for partying, so who wants to be behind the wheel while everyone else is having fun? Ensure your safety by hiring a professional driver from a prom transport service. Imagine the prestige of having a chauffeur opening the door of your limo and standing by while you and your friends exit in your elegant gowns and tuxedos.

Fun for the driver isn’t the main safety concern; possible driver impairment is. Forty-one percent of students say they or their friends will likely use drugs or alcohol on prom night. Eighty-four percent of teens say their friends will likely drive while intoxicated rather than call home for a ride, and 22% will ride with someone impaired.

Make sure everyone gets home safe and alive by renting a prom limo ride!

2. Comfort

You and your date are “dressed to the nines,” an old-time saying that means dressed to perfection. What do you and your friends drive? Do you really want to smash yourself and your dress into a small car?

What if it is cold, windy, or rainy? Do you want to trudge across the parking lot in all your finery? By hiring a prom limo, you get at-the-door drop-off and pickup services.

Renting a limo allows you to relax, stretch out, and enjoy visiting with your friends. Whether you select a stretch limo or one of our other options, you will enjoy the ride comfortably.

3. The Before Party

The party begins when the prom limo picks up you and your friends. You can enjoy music, conversation, snacks, and beverages on the way to the restaurant, after dinner while heading to the prom, and on the way home. You can snap photos during your ride, creating memories that last forever.

I almost forgot the best part—no parents! You can enjoy an adult night out without parental interference, and your parents can relax knowing you are safe. Your parents will know you are in a chauffeur’s safe, competent hands, so no worried texts or calls to ensure you arrived okay, nervous because you’re out late, etc.

4.  Accommodates a Large Group

A prom limo hire allows you to transport more friends than a car. This eliminates the need for several friends to drive vehicles to each location, find a place to park, and everyone walking from the parking lot to the door. Whether you usually party with a group of six, sixteen, or more than thirty, there is a limo or party bus to fit your needs.

This is your special night. Make it memorable by spending the evening with friends and creating memories while your chauffeur handles the transportation. You will arrive in style and be the envy of all around you.

A Prom Limo Makes It All About You

When you hire a prom limo from Igport Limos, our service is all about you. Our late-model limos and experienced drivers will make your prom special.

We offer special prom limo rental packages that provide you and your friends with the red carpet treatment from the first pickup to the final drop-off. Packages range from six to twelve hours, so you can party all night safely.

Whether you want a stretch limo, party bus, stretch SUV, or something else, we have it. Call 214-907-6330 to book your prom limo today.